MPP Page Mill Performance Rear Rotors

Modell: MPP-TM3-BRK-P3DR
Lagerstatus: 1
Mountain Pass Performance Model 3 & Y Page Mill Performance Bakre bromsskivor.

"Ge din Tesla Model 3 eller Y Performance den bromsprestanda som den förtjänar".

Passar direkt på din Model 3 eller Y Performance
Visuellt imponerande
2-delad Ventilerad och slitsade skivor (rotationsbestämda)
Markant förbättrad kylning än original
Flyttar hjulet ut ~ 4 mm jämfört med OE P3D-rotorn.
Made in the USA

Passar dessa fordon: Tesla Model 3 Performance, Tesla Model Y Performance.

*NOTE* Image shown is of the front rotors, rears are the same color but there is a difference in hat design and rotor shape, naturally.

MPP´s egna ord:

We’re glad to announce that there is an affordable, efficient solution to the less than ideal P3D rear brakes. The OEM rotor, while being a 2 piece design from the factory, is sadly thin and lacks the air pumping action needed for a vehicle of this power level. Our disc is thicker, with larger cooling passages and curved vanes to significantly reduce brake fade and lower rotor temperature.

We’ve seen the factory brakes on the Performance Tesla Model 3/Y fade after only two laps, the main issue being boiling brake fluid and overheating brake pads. The brake rotor is the only component in the system that is able to control the rate of heat rejection – the brake pads and brake fluid only dictate the temperature at which the system can function before breaking down, but without increased heat rejection the system simply cannot manage the massive power of the P3D. Fade is inevitable when driving aggressively on the track, especially low-speed tracks with a lot of short acceleration zones.

Our rotors take a massive step forward to improving the braking system of the vehicle. When combined with track pads and racing brake fluid, the brake system on the P3D is able to handle some serious track duty. These rotors are also great for the street – they look the part and the slots in the disc continue to refresh the pad surface and prevent glazing.

These rotors install very quickly, any competent shop will be able to do this job with ease.

NOTE: The P3D is known to have an extremely thin rotor hat. Our rotor is approximately 4mm thicker than the OEM rotor, so this will move your wheel outwards by 4mm. Using this rotor also removes the issue of the hub “step” that is often an issue for aftermarket wheel fitment!

This kit includes the following:

(2) Rotor rings for the rear and rotor hats assembled and ready to be installed on the car. They are directional so be sure to install them on the correct side!