MPP.R Performance Model 3/Y Rear Big Brake Kit

Modell: MPP-TM3-RBBK-1
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Mountain Pass Performance MPP.R Performance Model 3/Y Bakre Big Brake Kit.

"When you want a no-compromise rear big brake kit, you know MPP has you covered".

332x25mm skivor
Lätta skivor med massiv värmeavledning
StopTech Bromsok
Skivor tillverkade av GiroDisc, en ledande bromsleverantör med vinster inom den högsta nivån av motorsport.
Testat på bana av professionella förare - detta kit kan "misshandlas" så hårt ni kan utan att det ger vika.

Passar dessa fordon: Tesla Model 3 Performance, Tesla Model Y Performance.

*NOTE* Image shown is of the front rotors, rears are the same color but there is a difference in hat design and rotor shape, naturally.

MPP´s egna ord:

“When are you guys going to come out with a rear big brake kit?”

I don’t know how many times we’ve heard it. It’s only gotten worse since we’ve released the MPP.R StopTech 368mm BBK. Well, the problem dear MPP friends is that the OEM E-Brake is integrated into the caliper, and with an electric car it’s not like you can just leave it in gear when you park and ditch the e-brake!

One day we had this idea, noticing that the OEM Brembo Caliper has two halves that are bolted together – what if we make a new outer clamshell? We would be able to massively increase the width and cooling ability of the rotor! The OEM rotor vanes are quite narrow, so the amount of airflow for cooling is very limited. This would also allow us to kill two birds with one stone – in addition to the cooling upgrade, we would be able to design a pad retention system for aftermarket pads so they wouldn’t rattle around in the factory outer clamshell. Needless to say, the OEM E-brake is retained since it is housed on the inboard end of the caliper.

This has been sitting on my desk since around April 2020 and frankly, I don’t know why we haven’t made more time to get it to production. We’re sorry. This is one of the products we are most excited about in 2020, it’s such a unique way to solve a rather difficult problem – it ticks all of the boxes. Massive performance benefit, no compromises, it fixes some ongoing annoying issues of using aftermarket brake pads, and the cost is far cheaper than a full caliper replacement. This kit also installs very easily – there is no requirement to remove brake lines, just unbolt the OE outer shell and install the MPP one, and swap the rotors and pads!

Now the next question we’re likely going to be asked – “but isn’t the single-piston caliper too small?” Well – it’s not the number of pistons that dictate when brakes overheat, it is primarily pad area, thickness, and rotor temperature. The only part of the system that actively removes heat is the rotor. So a wider rotor with the increased width in the air vanes means a huge increase in rotor cooling, which means cooler pads, which means a cooler caliper. Whether there is one piston behind that pad or three, it really makes no difference if the pad is the same size, and the Tesla rear pads are a pretty decent size. They are almost twice the size of the brakes we run on our 800 horsepower hybrid racecar, so that’s saying something.

Now we’ve talked about function, but we have to give the looks of this billet part some attention. The sharp lines and MPP logo really show you that this caliper means business. It was quite tricky to design a shape that looks like a traditional caliper considering that this is a sliding caliper design, but we went with what we always do – designed it for function rather than form, and integrated stiffening ribs that carry the load from the three anchor points to the pad surface area. Across those ribs, we tied in a landing for our MPP logo. We think it looks pretty tough. It also works. After multiple sessions on the track, we weren’t able to overheat our rear brakes with relatively mild sports pads.

This kit is currently available in both a powder-coated red that matches the OEM Performance front calipers, and a hard anodized finish which matches our MPP.R Stoptech STR-60 368×35 Big Brake Kit calipers, and it is the same type of finish the United States Air Force use on many of their anodized components on fighter jets.

This MPP.R rear brake system includes the following:

(2) Rotor rings and rotor hats assembled and ready to be installed on the car. They are directional so be sure to install them on the correct side!
(2) Outer clam brackets